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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Get (& Use) Worms

Jun 03, 2023

To progress the Friendship Quest "Burying The Eel" in Disney Dreamlight Valley, Saviors will need to find three handfuls of Worms for Maui.

While they are not the most pleasant resource to come across in Disney Dr eamlight Valley, Worms are a necessary crafting material to make the Fishing Trap, a Furniture Item used during the Friendship Quest, "Burying The Eel." Maui, the comical yet mighty demigod from Moana, has decided that Dazzle Beach of the Valley needs the tropical touch of Coconut Trees. However, to grow these trees, he requires an Eel, a unique type of Fish in Disney Dreamlight Valley that can only be caught when a Fishing Trap is nearby. Therefore, to build this trap, players must find Worms in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Like in the real world, Worms in Disney Dreamlight Valley tend not to come out into the daylight but prefer to stay underground where it is dark and moist. Fortunately, they are not mobile, so players should have no trouble picking them up once found. Nevertheless, knowing where these elusive wriggly creatures are located can be tricky.

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According to gameplay footage from Game Guides Channel, Worms in Disney Dreamlight Valley can be obtained from digging spots within the Peaceful Meadow. Specifically, only the large nodes around ponds will yield Worms. It can be hard to tell apart the nodes in the Valley since they have the same cracked-ground model. Digging up the smaller ones will drop charcoal and stone, while the larger ones typically will net players one stack of Worms.

Accordingly, for clarification, Disney Dreamlight Valley fans must first equip their Shovel in the radial tool menu. Next, they must comb the Peaceful Meadow, searching for spots on the ground where the earth is somewhat sticking out with a cracked texture on top. As mentioned above, smaller spots do not yield Worms, but the larger ones will. To tell the difference, players can hover over the node to highlight the soil. The large nodes will be noticeably wider than the regular digging spots dotted about the biome. Dig up these spots to farm Worms in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

After collecting at least three Worms in Disney Dreamlight Valley, players can continue Maui's "Burying The Eel" Friendship Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley by speaking with the islander demigod. Next, head to a crafting table and make one Fishing Trap using Softwood sticks and Worms. As noted earlier, the Fishing Trap does not catch the Eel. Instead, it must be placed in the water and used as a spawning device to cause Eel to appear in fishing spots found at Dazzle Beach. After catching the Eel, players can bury it to grow Maui's Coconut Tree in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Source: Game Guides Channel

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