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Fornite Chapter 4 Season 3: What to expect

Aug 21, 2023

Epic Games has teased the next big era of Fortnite, Chapter four, Season three.

The Fortnite Twitter account posted a short video clip showing off "the wilds", the new jungle area you can expect to see in the next big Fortnite release.

This biome will feature dense foliage and what appears to be the remains of an ancient city.

Chapter four Season three is due to launch on June 9. You don't have long to wait to find out what this next instalment of Fortnite is all about.

The big rumour is that it will feature Transformer Optimus Prime. This follows a leaked image of a Fortnite loading screen published on Reddit at the end of May, one that clearly depicts the character.

Previous well-known characters who have appeared in Fortnite include Wolverine, Spider-Man, and John Wick, among many others.

This new Transformers brand crossover makes perfect sense given Transformers: Rise of the Beasts is out in cinemas on Jun 9, just as season 3 of Fortnite begins.

That same leaked load-screen image also shows a Fortnite character riding a dinosaur, suggesting they may be a new mount in the update, alongside the wolves and boars players can "ride" at present.

Eurogamer writes that a desert area and volcano are likely to be added to the Fortnite map in the update, alongside a new racing mode and dedicated race tracks.

This will reportedly be an extensive part of the game in this next Fortnite chapter, with competitive play and ranked divisions, according to DotEsports. However, there's some suggestion this racing element could be further off.

The current version of Fortnite is Chapter four Season two. It began on March 10, 2023, and comes to an end at 7am on June 9.

This will be followed by a few hours of downtime, but Epic Games has not yet announced times for the start of Season three.

The end of Chapter one in 2019 saw Fortnite downtime of a whopping 36 hours, but these smaller season shifts typically only take a handful of hours.