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Optimus Prime From Transformers Is Coming To Fortnite Soon, According To Well

Sep 02, 2023

Fortnite really is more than meets the eye.

Well-known Fortnite leaker HYPEX has unofficially revealed that Optimus Prime from Transformers will be making an appearance in Fortnite during Chapter 4 Season 3. According to them, the leader of the Autobots will be joining the endless roster in the game around Friday, June 9. Also, the new season will allegedly have a tropical theme.

Besides the famous Cybertronian, players will be able to get a summer Meowscles skin and a Mechanic skin, as well as rideable Raptors. There's also new areas: a tropical biome, a desert area, and a volcanic area. Moreover, there might even be a racing mode that takes place both on the sky and ground being added to the battle royale, using a new Supercar as the default vehicle.


- Fortnite x Transformers Collab with an Optimus Prime skin.- A Summer Meowscles skin, and a Mechanic skin.- Rideable Raptors that now get exhausted.- Tropical Biome and with most likely a Desert area, and a volcanic area, as it's been leaked multiple…

— HYPEX (@HYPEX) May 28, 2023

The dark arts will be available for players in an upcoming major update, dropping this year.

Oldies but goodies.

Sooner or later, everything comes to Steam.

A new Raider, Survivor Skins, Transpheres, and more.

One final update before the game basically sunsets.

There's a new map, new weapons, and new grenades.

Mark Rubin also confirmed keyboard and mouse support for consoles, and no Battle Royale mode in the game.

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