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TRANSFORMERS EARTHSPARK SHOCKWAVE Deluxe Figure Review > Fandom Spotlite

Jun 08, 2023

In Transformers, Shockwave has always been a popular character, even if his cartoon and comic incarnations were very different. The new EarthSpark deluxe figure celebrates his appearance in the new cartoon, even if it's a redeco of the Bumblebee Cyberverse Adventures version. Captain Kyle reviews it to see if it's worth getting for your collection.

Shockwave was the loyal guardian of Cybertron in the G1 animated series, but in the comic book, he took over the Decepticons after Megatron's defeat in issue 4. This version, from EarthSpark, isn't very fond of Megatron either. However, while his robot mode resembles the Generation One version quite a bit (except for size), his alternate mode is a far cry from the space gun we love. Captain Kyle examines this toy in detail to figure out if it would be a good addition to your EarthSpark collection.

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