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Best chargers for Steam Deck in 2023

Jul 05, 2023

Running out of power is a Steam Deck owner's nightmare, so get yourself an extra charger or two so you'll always have power.

The Steam Deck charger is good, but you can always do better, right? There's also the small matter of it never being the best idea to only have one charger for your device, especially for a portable games console. The Steam Deck charges over USB-C, so you can actually get a new charger that can service your phone, tablet, or perhaps even a laptop as well as the Steam Deck. You can even get one that charges your device away from a wall socket. The only thing you need to ensure is that you'll get at least 45W out of the charger to get the best performance. Here are some great options to pack with your Steam Deck.

This tiny charging brick is a perfect companion to traveling with the Steam Deck or other devices. It packs up to 45W of power to keep your devices juiced up relatively quickly. All you need to do is supply a cable.

Why have four charging bricks when you can have one brick for up to four devices? This charger can provide up to 100W from a single USB-C port or spread across all four connections, and it's still about the size of a regular laptop charger.

This charger is quite similar to the original that comes with the Steam Deck. It comes with a USB-C cable and can power up your Steam Deck with 65W of power, all at a low price.

This tiny power brick can supply up to 66W of power total and can automatically adjust the output of each port. The real benefit is the included adapters for the U.K. and EU wall outlets, making it a perfect addition to an international travel loadout.

Anker's huge battery pack can output the 45W you need to keep your Steam Deck, laptop, or tablet topped up for many hours of on-the-road use. This is perfect for the times you need to charge but don't have access to a wall outlet.

If you're going to use your Steam Deck plugged into a monitor or at your desk, this is the charger for you to use. It packs in a total of four USB-C ports and can deliver 165W of power, which is enough for the Steam Deck, and three other devices. Just note you'll have to provide your own cables.

This docking station is great for those who need a USB-C port to charge their Steam Deck, but also might have a USB-A accessory that needs power at the same time. It has additional AC ports on the side and the back and dual USB-A ports on the front. Cables aren't included

This is a universal charger for laptops. Since this uses the USB-C standard and comes with a really long USB-C cable, we're suggesting it for those who might use the Steam Deck while docked at a monitor or TV. There's plenty of room to route cables with this charger,

Whether you're on the go or at home, with or without access to wall outlets, there's an excellent charger you can use with your Steam Deck. If you want the best charger, you should buy the Anker Nano II, since it's compact and portable. You even might want to pick up the Anker 537 if you want a portable power bank. The UGreen 100W GaN USB-C Charger is also great too since it can not only power your Steam Deck, but other devices. All of these are in some way an improvement over just using the in-box charger, in most cases, allowing you to top up your other devices as well.

Other great chargers include a portable power bank, a desk charger, and the car charger we mentioned. You can buy the Steam Deck below if you don't already own one or have been on the fence about buying one. It's the kind of device that can change the way you game forever. Of course, the Steam Deck isn't for everyone, and there are a lot of great gaming laptops that perform just as well, if not better than it, albeit for a higher price.

Valve's first portable gaming PC, the Steam Deck, is one of the coolest handheld gaming consoles on the market, with a huge library of games to play and the ability to take them on the go.

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