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Best Samsung Galaxy S23 PPS chargers in 2023

Jul 01, 2023

Charge your Galaxy S23 phone in no time with the right USB-C charger

Samsung's flagship Galaxy S23 series is here and packs several improvements over its predecessor. You get Qualcomm's latest Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chips, improved cameras, and some design tweaks. But what has stayed the same is the lack of a power brick in the product box. None of the three S23 series phones come with a wall adapter, which has become the norm for almost all new phones, including the best Samsung phones. So, unless you own a sufficiently powered USB Power Delivery (USB PD) charger with Programmable Power Supply (PPS) support, you'll have to purchase one to enjoy 25W fast charging on the Galaxy S23 or 45W charging on the S22+ and S22 Ultra.

Fortunately, there are quite a few excellent options on the market. We have handpicked the best based on their charging speed, compatibility, and convenience. Our recommendations include everything from single-port chargers for people who just need to juice up their phone to multi-port bricks that can simultaneously charge up all your gadgets.

Bored with the typical white or black chargers? The Anker 511 comes in three exciting colors, apart from the usual black and white options. It's also tiny and has foldable pins, making it a perfect companion for the road. Beyond the aesthetic, the 511 is pretty capable and can deliver up to 30W power, enough to fast charge the S23. Of course, you can also charge the Plus and Ultra models, but you won't get the fastest possible speed.

Ugreen's Nexode 140W is a powerful USB-C charger featuring three USB ports to top up multiple devices simultaneously. One of its two USB-C ports can deliver up to 140W power when used individually, whereas the other can go up to 100W. But even when you connect a device to each USB-C port, they can push up to 65W, which is enough to fast charge any two Galaxy S23-series phones at the same time.

The Nekteck 45W USB-C Wall Charger is an affordable PPS power brick for the S23 series, particularly the S23+ and S23 Ultra, as they support 45W charging. However, it doesn't have a USB port to plug in a cable. Instead, you get a permanently attached cable with a Type-C connector. However, it's not perfect. While the attached cable helps with not needing a cord separately, you'll have to replace the entire charger if it gets damaged.

The Zendure Passport III Universal Travel Adapter is a helpful accessory that will undoubtedly come in handy if you frequently travel internationally. It houses four USB-C ports, one USB-A port, and an AC socket that can switch between US, European, and British plugs with sliding toggles. So you can charge up to six devices simultaneously or connect an appliance via the AC socket. It also looks fun thanks to its translucent design and comes in four colors.

This official Samsung power brick is perfect for the Galaxy S23 series if you prefer OEM chargers over third-party options. It features a single USB-C that can provide up to 45W power. The company also bundles a USB-C cable in the box, which will come in handy when you need an extra fast-charge capable cord; as an official Samsung charger, it's fully compatible with Galaxy S23 phones. Unfortunately, it's more expensive than the comparable third-party chargers and doesn't feature foldable prongs.

The Belkin BoostCharge 25W Wall Charger is another no-nonsense power brick for your Galaxy S23. Thanks to USB PD and PPS support, it can fast charge your phone without breaking a sweat. Unfortunately, as it costs under $20, Belkin doesn't bundle a charging cable, but you can use the one that came with the phone. Another quality-of-life feature missing is foldable prongs. However, you'll be happy to know that the power brick comes with a $2,500 Connected Equipment Warranty.

Elecjet makes high-quality chargers for USB-C devices, and its 45W USB-C Superfast Charger is no exception. It can deliver up to 45W power via its single USB-C port and is fully compatible with USB PD and PPS fast charging technologies, making it perfect for any of the three S23-series phones. One of its highlights is the GaN technology that makes the charger compact and efficient. It also comes with a free USB-C fast-charging cable.

If you are looking for a dual-port charger for your Galaxy S23-series phone, the Ugreen Nexode 45W is a good option. It comes with two USB-C ports, which can push up to 45W to a connected device. As Ugreen uses GaN technology, the Nexode 45W has a compact form factor and offers better thermal performance than silicon-based power bricks. In other features, you get foldable prongs for easy storage and portability and support for Qualcomm QuickCharge 4+.

Spigen is primarily known for its excellent cases, but its chargers are equally awesome. So if you want a fast charger for the Galaxy S23, Spigen ArcStation Super Mini is worth considering. It has a single USB-C port that will deliver 25W via PPS mode to your phone. It's also compact, with just over 30mm in length, width, and height. Unfortunately, while it works without issues with Galaxy S-series phones, the charger doesn't play nice with Google's Pixel phones.

This Fuel Brites series charger from Case-Mate is perfect if you want something colorful and fun. It's available in four exciting colors and sports a frosted look to offer a slight peek at the internals of the power brick. In other features, you get a single USB Type-C port that can deliver up to 30W power, and the prongs are foldable for easy storage.

While finding a USB port or Qi pad in a modern car has become quite common, these solutions seldom offer the fastest charging speed. So if you want to enjoy fast charging on the road, you'll need something like the Spigen ArcStation Ultimate Car Charger. It's a high-quality charger that plugs into your vehicle's 12/24v socket. And thanks to the included USD PD and PPS support, it's compatible with Galaxy S23 phones.

Power banks are an excellent way to keep your phone juiced up when you don't have easy access to an outlet. And Elecjet has an excellent solution for the Galaxy S23 series. Its Apollo Ultra A10X power bank has a 10,000mAh battery, which is good enough to offer one full charge and more to your phone. Plus, as it supports 60W PPS output via its USB-C port, you can charge at the fastest possible speed.

If you bought or are planning to buy a Galaxy S23, the Anker PowerPort III 25W is a no-frills charger to juice up your phone at top speed. It comes from a reputed brand, so you won't have to worry about the charger damaging your phone or dying after a few weeks or months. Moreover, like other Anker power bricks, it has an 18-month warranty. Besides the S23, you can use the Anker charger to top up Qualcomm QC and USB PD-compatible devices.

If you want a power bank that supports Samsung's 45W Super Fast Charging 2.0 protocol, the TSBar 20,000mAh from TechSmarter is an excellent option. It can charge all Samsung Galaxy phones at their top speed, including the Plus and Ultra models. Additionally, three USB ports — one Type-C and two Type-C — facilitate simultaneous charging of up to three devices. But keep in mind that if you connect more than one device, the charging speed will reduce for each device.

In line with Samsung's previous flagships, the Galaxy S23, S23+, and S23 Ultra use the company's Super Fast Charging technology based on the USB PD and PPS standards. So, any USB-C charger that supports both USB PD and PPS is usually suitable for these phones. But if you are looking for a wall charger for the S23+ or S23 Ultra, it's a good idea to ensure that the power adapter supports Samsung's 45W Super Fast Charging 2.0 technology or can deliver at least 4A of current in PPS mode. Thankfully, you won't have to worry about these things if you pick one of our recommendations, as all of them can deliver the top charging speed to each of the Galaxy S23-series phones.

We particularly like Anker's 511 Charger. It's a simple but effective charger that can fast charge your Galaxy S23. The charger is also relatively compact, colorful, and features foldable pins. Both of these things make it great for storage and portability. Plus, it costs under $25.

But if you want something that can juice up more than one device simultaneously, the Ugreen Nexode 140W charger will be more your speed. It can top up three devices, including two Galaxy S23-series phones, without breaking a sweat.

Finally, the Galaxy S23+ or S23 Ultra buyers will appreciate the Nekteck 45W USB-C charger. It supports Samsung's 45W Super Fast Charging 2.0 technology and has an attached USB-C cable. But more importantly, it costs just over $20, making it a great value.

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