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Dredge: All Rock Slab Fish Shrine Puzzle Solutions

Sep 28, 2023

Five Rock Slab Fish Shrines holds puzzles in Dredge for players willing to find all their solutions for special rewards and an exclusive achievement.

Scattered throughout the map of Dredge are five Rock Slab Fish Shrines, each of which has puzzles for players to find solutions for to receive rewards. A special achievement named The Servant of the Shrines is also gained for unlocking each shrine, encouraging players to track each one down. With each shrine demanding a specific type of fish as tribute, players must travel to different regions of the map to gain these offerings.

As their name would suggest, the Rock Slab Fish Shrines demand unique fish types be brought to them. The only way to solve the puzzles of each shrine would be for players to bring these different fish to their location and fit them into the Rock Slabs. Players will need to obtain different rods to catch the variety of fish for every Rock Slab Fish Shrine, causing them to traverse tons of regions across Dredge's high-quality horror atmosphere and even complete Pursuit side quests.

Fish Shrine


Fish Type Needed

Recommended Fish

The Marrows Rock Slab

Southern edge of J9

Curved Fish

Stellar Basin Rock Slab

Northeast corner of H2

Four Large, Powerful Fish

Gale Cliffs Rock Slab

Center of P3

Three Crab-Like Creatures

Twisted Strand Rock Slab

Eastern end of D13

Twisted Shape of a Deformed Fish

Devil's Spine Rock Slab

Northeast corner of O14

Two Malformed Fish Writhing Under the Sun AND a Devil's Shrine Aberration

Players should use the grid on their map to find where to find each fish needed to complete the Rock Slab Fish Shrine Puzzles.

The 5 Cod players may be found in the Marrows during the day, using a Coastal-type rod. Meanwhile, the Hammerhead Shark may be found close to the northwest section of H1 at any time. Bronze Whalers and Blacktip Reef Sharks are found in the day at the northwest part of I6 and the northern spots of K6 at night, respectively. While the last three fish need an Oceanic rod to catch, Ghost Sharks are caught in the southeast corner of I4 at all times using an Abyssal rod only.

Placing Crab Pots next to the shrine itself and waiting for some time eventually gives Rock Crabs and a Decorator Crab for players to use. An Entwined Mullet lies in the D13 section of the map, along the Grey Mullet fishing spots at all times using an Oceanic Rod. Ossified Searobin is found in the Armored Searobin fishing spots during the day, while Infernal Eel are in the Cusk Eel fishing spots at night. Finally, Serpentine Mackerel are in the Snake Mackerel fishing spot at all times.

Fish Shrine


The Marrows Rock Slab

Sinew Spindle - Coastal/Shallow rod with 6% fishing speed.

Stellar Basin Rock Slab

Viscera Crane Rod - Rod that can fish in Abyssal and Hadal waters with 55% fishing speed.

Gale Cliffs Rock Slab

Mouth of the Deep - Crab Pot with 6x6 space that yields three creatures per day.

Twisted Strand Rock Slab

Tendon Rod - Rod with 28% fishing speed that can catch Oceanic, Mangrove, and Shallow fish.

Devil's Spine Rock Slab

Fathomless Flame (unlocks Lumens) AND Encrusted Talisman - Increases fishing speed by 330%.

Every reward given by the shrines offers players a new means to fish in more dangerous waters across the map. Unlike when searching for special fish in the Gold or Red Pursuit side quests of Dredge, players are not given a time limit when trying to get all the different fish types needed for the shrines. Once players find all the Rock Slab Fish Shrine puzzle solutions in Dredge, they have some of the best tools to beat the game's other tough challenges.

Dredge five The Servant of the Shrines SCREENRANT VIDEO OF THE DAY SCROLL TO CONTINUE WITH CONTENT unique fish types bring these different fish to their location and fit them into the Rock Slabs AND Marrows Coastal-type Hammerhead Shark northwest section of H1 Bronze Whalers Blacktip Reef Sharks in the day northwest part of I6 northern spots of K6 at night, Oceanic rod Ghost Sharks southeast corner of I4 at all times Abyssal rod Crab Pots Rock Crabs Decorator Crab Entwined Mullet D13 Grey Mullet Oceanic Rod Ossified Searobin Armored Searobin fishing spots during the day Infernal Eel Cusk Eel fishing spots at night Serpentine Mackerel Snake Mackerel fishing spot at all times Sinew Spindle Viscera Crane Rod Mouth of the Deep Tendon Rod Fathomless Flame AND Encrusted Talisman Dredge