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Lexus Confirms More Off

May 22, 2023

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Lexus has taken big risks with the 2024 GX off-road SUV in terms of styling, powertrains, and trim structuring. The automaker has opted for a retro-futuristic exterior, outfitted a twin-turbo V-6 powertrain as standard equipment, and added Overtrail off-road optimized trims to the GX lineup for the first time ever. Now, Lexus says it will expand the Overtrail sub-brand to other models within its lineup.

Overtrail models represent the most rugged application of Lexus' off-road technology. The 2024 GX Overtrail gets a number of trim-specific upgrades, which should give an indication as to what equipment will appear on future vehicles. All 2024 GX Overtrail models come standard with 33-inch tires and 18-inch wheels, a wider track, a deeper rear tread, and an electronic locking rear differential. Lexus outfits the GX Overtrail with Multi-Terrain Select, Crawl Control, Downhill Assist Control, and 3D Multi-Terrain Monitor. It also offers these models with the automaker's Electronic-Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System, which disconnects the front stabilizer bar to improve wheel articulation.

Grade-distinctive customization options include a range of two-tone paint schemes and available Olive Ultrasuede accents for the interior. The upscale Overtrail+ trim gets unique seat patterns, as well as massaging front seats and an extendable motorized driver's seat cushion.

GX Chief Engineer Koji Tsukasaki told us, "of course we'll be monitoring customer feedback but it's a national direction." Tsukasaki followed up saying that that Lexus isn't ready just yet to share which models will receive Overtrail variants in the future or when those products will be ready. However, it did confirm that the GX is the core of its off-road offerings and influences equipment on adjacent models, so we anticipate that the automaker will offer similar features on the flagship LX 600 full-size SUV in due time.

Lexus told us that its Overtrail Sub-Brand won't be limited to beefed up versions of its SUVs. Now that its home market buyers in Japan have gotten excited about camping and exploring the great outdoors, the automaker is ready to commit to supporting owners in their wanderlust.

At Fuji Speedway in Japan, there's an off-roading course on which customers were able to drive the Lexus ROV Concept dune buggy during the 24-hour endurance race. In this vein, Lexus told us that Overtrail will be "a global program with different kinds of activities and experiences throughout that's going to keep growing." Details aren't finalized yet, but the automaker says it is committed to developing Overtrail well beyond accessories and equipment for Lexus vehicles.

The 2024 Lexus GX debuts with the Overtrail and Overtrail+ trim levels situated at the center of its six-trim lineup. Premium and Premium+ models form the foundation and Luxury and Luxury+ grades sit at the top of the range. All 2024 Lexus GX SUVs will be built at the automaker's Tahara plant in Japan and sales begin in early 2024.