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Momax travel adapters deliver fast international charging (20% off!)

Jan 15, 2024

By David Snow • 8:00 am, May 24, 2023

Every globetrotter who visits multiple countries on one trip knows keeping gadgets charged can be a hassle. You might need a different plug for each country. That's where universal travel adapters like Momax's come in super-handy.

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Momax's handy 35W and 65W universal plugs are all-in-one world travel AC adapters. They feature built-in US/JP/CN, AU, EU and UK sockets, covering more than 150 countries worldwide.

That means the tiny electrical adapters, which slip easily into your baggage, can solve the problem of converting plugs during your journey almost anywhere in the world. In other words, the compact travel adapter saves you time, space and money.

The handy plug converters use advanced GaN technology that helps keep them surprisingly compact and lightweight. But at the same time, they’re amazingly potent and include plenty of ports with fast, safe charging.

The devices give you fast charging through five ports. On the 65W version, one of the USB-C PD ports can reach the maximum output of 65W (that's 35W on the smaller adapter). The chargers are ideal for power-hungry USB-C devices like laptops and tablets.

Advanced features make the adapters safe to use. In addition to GaN cooling and fireproof PC material, an international converter has a 10A overload dual fuse, safety shutters and a plug lock system. The plugs also provide short-circuit, over-voltage and over-current protection.

Note, however, that the adapters are not voltage converters. And they are only compatible with devices that draw less than 2,500W of power. Before you use this product, check your devices for compatibility.

You can pick up the 35W adapter for $33 on Amazon. Get 10% off with code CULTOFMAC10 and apply another 10% off coupon on the product page. That makes the final price $26.40.

Where to buy 35W adapter: Amazon

Or, you can pick up the 65W adapter for $40 on Amazon in black, purple or white. Get 10% off with code CULTOFMAC10 and apply another 10% off coupon on the product page, for a final price of just $32.

Where to buy 65W adapter: Amazon

Need even more power when you’re on the road? Momax's 100W GaN universal travel adapter is among the most powerful of its kind on the market, yet it remains compact enough to easily pack for travel.

And its 100W of power is not limited to one USB-C port. Both of its USB-C ports can reach 100W output, even when used at the same time. That supports powering up two power-hungry laptops at once. And at the same time, you have two USB-A ports for other devices.

Like the smaller adapters above, the 100W adapter can be used in many countries, thanks to its built-in US/EU/UK/AU plugs. It carries the same safety features as the other adapters.

In addition to 100W USB power supply, the adapter has 2,500W AC output. That's enough to cover most equipment needed for travel, such as iPhone, iPad, MacBooks, AirPods, gaming consoles, portable speaker, cameras, razors, hair dryers and more.

That said, the adapter is not a voltage converter. If you use devices over 250V, you should use a separate voltage converter.

You can pick up the 100W adapter for $65 on Amazon. Get 10% off with code CULTOFMAC10 for a final price of $58.50.

Where to buy: Amazon

At 100 watts, this travel adapter will keep laptops and more going in a large number of countries.

CULTOFMAC10 Where to buy 35W adapter: CULTOFMAC10 Where to buy 65W adapter: CULTOFMAC10 Where to buy: