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PCIM: Four

Jan 01, 2024

Premo has released a four-phase toroidal common-mode choke for EMC noise suppression in electric vehicle on-board chargers up to 22kW.

4CMCN065R0-32H measures 59mm in diameter, 41.5mm (plus pins) high and ~200g, and is nominally rated at 32A.

All the windings have the same number of turns (8), but the one intended for the neutral of a three-phase mains circuit is wound with two parallel conductors to reduce its resistance (typically to 2.4mΩ, compared with 4.7mΩ for the others). The heavier winding also as a pair of pins allocated to each end.

Inductance is any winding is 1mH at 140kHz and 700μH at 210kHz, (1Vac 220mA).

Copper losses, with two of the phase coils carrying 32Arms and the neutral coil carrying 64Arms, is 25W, according to the data sheet.

Maximum voltage is 440V peak, and operation is over -40 to +130°C.

At the same time as the 22kW part, the company announced a smaller (51.5mm dia, 32mm high, 180g) 16A 11kW part: 4CMCN065R0-16H.

The chokes are designed to meet the automotive AECQ200 standard.

"We believe that the chokes represent a significant step forward in the development of on-board chargers for electric vehicles," according to Premo. "The designs are developed for maximum thermal coupling of core and copper with thermal interface materials like CoolMag."

The company has a fully-automatic winding and manufacturing process for toroidal common mode chokes, which is used in its Vietnam plants to make these components, it said. The process uses collaborative robots from Premo Robotics.

Find the web pages here:

22kW 4CMCN065R0-32H

11kW 4CMCN065R0-16H

See them on Premo's stand at PCIM (hall 6, stand 232).

Steve Bush