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Tile Mate tracker is down to $19.83, and other models are 20% off

May 17, 2023

Tile trackers are on sale right now at Amazon, where you’ll find several of the company's most popular models at the lowest prices of 2023. These Tile deals start at just $19.83 for the Tile Mate, which is usually $25.

Also on sale is the Tile Pro, which was completely redesigned in its latest iteration and is currently 20% off. Also, the Tile Slim, with its remarkable 3-year battery life and 250-foot range, is 20% off as well when you bundle it with a Tile Mate.

Apple finally entered the item tracker space with its AirTag a couple of years ago. As most people would have predicted, Apple's offering has taken much of the focus away from more established rivals that have been in the market for years.

I personally use AirTags because I have so many other Apple devices. And one of the best things about Apple gadgets is how well they integrate with each other. Also of note, AirTag deals on Amazon right now save you 9% on a 4-pack, which is great. Even with that discount, though, Tile trackers are still cheaper.

Tile is also one of the biggest and best names in the item tracker business. If I wasn't so deep in the Apple ecosystem already, I would likely choose to save some money and buy Tile trackers instead.

That's especially true while so many models are on sale with 20% discounts.

First up, the newest version of the Tile Mate is on sale for $19.83 instead of $25. That's a 21% discount, and it's the lowest price of the year so far.

The Tile Mate is a compact model with Tile's traditional rounded square shape. Like other recent tracker models, the 2022 Tile Mate offers up to 250 feet of range as well as battery life of up to 3 years.

$19.83 is a terrific price for this model when you consider that it's comparable with the AirTag, which is $29.

Two more Tile trackers are on sale as well, including the newest Tile Pro, which is on sale for $27.99 instead of $35. This model features a totally new design as well as two things you won't find on the Tile Mate.

First, the Tile Pro has a range of up to 400 feet. That's 60% farther than the range of the Tile Mate, which is already impressive. And second, on top of that, the Tile Pro has a replaceable battery that lasts up to a year. When the Tile Mate battery dies, you have to replace the tracker itself.

Also of note, the credit card-sized Tile Slim is discounted as part of this sale. It has 250-foot range and 3-year battery life just like the Tile Mate, but it's slim enough to slide into a wallet without you even feeling it.

The Tile Slim is discounted when you buy it bundled with a Tile Mate. Instead of paying $55 for the pair, you’ll only pay $43.99.

And finally, the Tile Sticker is also on sale with a 20% discount, dropping it to $23.99 instead of $30. This model is Tile's answer to the Apple AirTag, and it's a great alternative.

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