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High Quality Toroidal Ferrite Cores

High Quality Toroidal Ferrite Cores

Product Description Toroidal Ferrite Cores, Suitable for Various Types of Filters, Inductors and Chokes Types: Toroidal,;
Basic Info
Model NO. yx
Production Capacity 50000 Pieces/Year
Product Description
Product Description
Toroidal Ferrite Cores, Suitable for Various Types of Filters, Inductors and Chokes
Toroidal, Power soft, Ceramic ferrite magnet, Ferrite magnetm, Soft Magnet core, EE, EMI cores, Transformer, NiZn

1. Soft ferrite cores: Computers, telecommunication equipment, home appliances, TV, VTR, audio sets, industrial automation equipment, electronic instruments, transformers, chokes for switching power supplies, filters and inductors
2. UF core applications: Line filters in color TV sets
3. Toroidal core: Pulse and wide-band transformers, filters, inductors and chokes
4. U core: Fly back transformers in B/W and color TV sets
5. EI core: Transformers and chokes
6 EP core: Wide-band transformers and inductors
7. POT core: Filters for telecommunication equipment, inductors and transformers
8. EC core applications: Switching power transformers and chokes
9. Line filter core applications: Filters for color TV sets
10. Balun core: Matching transformers and balun transformers
11. PM core: High power transformers and DC-DC converters
12. DY core: Deflecting coils for picture tubes of color TV sets and CRT displays
13. PQ core: Switching power transformers and chokes
14. PM core: Filters, inductors, transformers for telecommunication and electronic equipment

Question1: What is the strength magnets of manufacturer in China?
Answerd: We have accumulated abundant experience and established stable and credible business relationships with customers worldwide. With rich experience in dealing with all types of large and small orders, we have developed extensive contacts with many local and international freight organizations. Consequently, we are able to ship our goods safely and reliably to almost anywhere in the world

Question 2: Where to buy strong magnets?
Answerd: We supply hard magnets and magnetic materials from China. Our magnets include ferrite magnets, flexible magnets, NdFeB magnets, AlNiCo magnets, SmCo magnets, rubber magnets, refrigerator fridge magnets, magnetic powder, magnetic compound tesla meters & magnetizers, and magnetic jewelry. We also supply ferrite cores, MnZn cores and NiZn cores for transformers and coils, loudspeaker magnets, motor magnets, and refrigerator gasket stripes

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